前沿科技公司 (FTC) is the world’s expert and leading global supplier of 核 start-up rod assemblies.

Frontier Technology manufactures complete rod assemblies to include the 胜博发官网娱乐app下载- 252 来源, antimony-beryllium丸, 无损检测, 和所有部件的杆组装, 根据KU娱乐官网app下载客户的规格. All start-up rods produced by Frontier Technology meet and exceed the highest level of safety requirements and standards set by the 核 industry.


核 reactors generate approximately 10% of the world’s electricity 今天. They generate electricity by splitting atoms from specific elements such as uranium—a process that gives off a great deal of heat. 这些热量被引导到水库中产生蒸汽, which then generates electricity by propelling the turbines of a generator. 这种原子分裂的过程叫做核裂变. 

Today’s 核 reactors are largely based on two types of reactors that were originally created in the 1950s to power naval vessels. They are made up of several different systems that power the fission reactor, 控制和建立反应, and contain the process to keep the surrounding materials and workers safe. 核反应堆的一些关键部件包括:

  • 控制设备. The barriers around the reactor and steam generator are designed to protect anything outside from radiation in the event of a malfunction. Containment barriers are made from a combination of concrete and steel, 它们的厚度可以超过一米.
  • 控制棒. 控制棒 absorb neutrons and can control the rate of a 核 reaction. 操作人员可以插入和取出抽油杆来减速, 加快, 或者提高核反应的效率. 控制棒 are typically made from materials that absorb neutrons, 包括硼, 镉, 和铪. 
  • 冷却剂. 核 fission reactions generate a large amount of heat that must be safely modulated. 冷却液在反应堆堆芯中循环, dissipating the heat and carrying it to other units where it can be used to create steam.
  • 燃料. 最常用的核燃料元素是铀. Most reactors used uranium rods formed from uranium oxide pellets placed in rods.
  • 主持人材料. 主持人材料, 比如水或石墨, slows down the release of neutrons so the reaction can trigger greater reactions. 
  • 压力管/压力容器. The core of the reactor and moderator material are typically contained within a durable steel pressure vessel and/or a series of steel pressure tubes. 
  • 蒸汽发生器. 蒸汽发生器用来发电. 冷却系统将冷却剂释放到发电机中, 由此产生的蒸汽和压力带动涡轮机.


核 reactors use three key types of rods to power and control 核 reactors:


启动棒是用来启动核链式反应的 在燃料中 在核反应装置内. Startup rods are interspersed with fuel rods within the reactor core to provide the initial reaction that triggers a long chain of 核 fission reactions from the fuel rods. Reactor technicians use startup rods as a means to create an observable and controllable 核 fission reaction. 启动棒的常见应用包括:

  • 轴向偏移控制
  • 紧急关闭
  • 反应堆和功率控制
  • 反应堆关闭
  • 反应器的启动

虽然镅- 241, 钚- 238, 钋—210, or radium-226 are sometimes combined with beryllium to initiate a reaction, californium-252 is preferred for its ability to generate spontaneous fission.


燃料棒很长, 纤细的, zirconium alloy tubes that typically contain high-density uranium dioxide pellets for use in the core of a 核 reactor. 


控制棒 can slow or 加快 the rate of fission in a 核 reactor. They can absorb neutrons without triggering their own fission reaction, 这使它们成为稳定因素吗. 核 reactors use different control rods based on the fuel 来源 they use and the expected rate of fission.


胜博发官网娱乐app下载-252是用于启动棒的强力元素, 什么触发了核裂变反应的开始. 它提供了很高的, stable emission of neutrons that can bombard uranium oxide fuel rods and start a sustained 核 reaction. 铀本身并不能可靠地引发核裂变反应. 胜博发官网娱乐app下载- 252 来源’ spontaneous fission capability and the resulting neutron flux spur uranium and other fuels to start the fission reaction process.

作为强中子发射器, californium-252 is also useful in other applications beyond 核 reactors. 其中包括:

  • 胜博发官网娱乐app下载- 252 may be used to analyze how the ground interacts with the emitted neutrons to determine if an area has water, 石油, and other re来源 that make it a viable candidate for oil drilling. 
  • 中子激活分析 (PGNAA) uses californium-252 to interact with elements in the materials, 然后释放出次级辐射, 可以测量的即时伽马射线.
  • The military, 首页land Security, and other government agencies use californium-252 in 便携式同位素中子光谱学 (PINS), a technique used to scan and identify explosive devices, weapons, and more. 
  • 胜博发官网娱乐app下载- 252 is used in the medical sector as a neutron source for radiotherapy in the treatment of highly aggressive, 耐药, 或者晚期癌症. 

If you want to learn more about californium-252’s capabilities in 核, oil & 天然气等行业,KU娱乐官网app下载推荐以下资源:

核 Reactor Rod Assemblies and 服务 at 前沿科技公司

自1984年以来, 前沿科技公司 一直在提供启动棒吗, a类放射性防护集装箱, and 屏蔽 to ensure the safest possible transportation and use of californium-252. We specialize in providing high-quality californium-252 in startup rods and samples for a wide variety of government, 核, 石油和天然气, 以及医疗应用. 


  • 核研究和设计服务. We design and thoroughly test new products as part of our turnkey design, 发展, 生产服务.
  • 交钥匙核解决方案. Our turnkey 核 industry services make managing a 核 reactor simpler. KU娱乐官网app下载提供封装材料, 屏蔽, 并能协助建立货运物流.
  • 免费的耗尽源返回计划. Depleted californium-252 can be a hazard for companies without the re来源 to safely contain and dispose of it. We offer free disposal of all depleted californium-252 来源 originally manufactured and provided by us. 
  • 安全的运输. 前沿科技公司 ships 核 start-up rod assemblies in custom a类放射性集装箱 which are made for safe and efficient transportation and unloading. KU娱乐官网app下载也可以处理国际航运和物流. 

For more information about our 核 reactor startup rod assemblies or other products and services, KU娱乐官网app下载的团队 今天.